Our Solutions

Full suite of market intelligence and analytics solutions
for both enterprises and innovative SME retailers.

For Enterprises

Competitive Intelligence

Benchmark competitiveness of your product assortment against relevant competitors with real-time data feeds to optimize your pricing strategy and increase sales

Brand intelligence

Comprehensive market intelligence for ultimate visibility of your brand across the spectrum of retail network, online channel visibility, pricing, promotions, and customer sentiment.

E-Commerce Research

We help you gather intelligence and understand the market landscape, which products your customers want and how to differentiate your business from competitors

Data Crawling

Massive amount of  data publicly available on Internet that can be collected and transformed into profit. You’ll get instant access to the data you need to accelerate any strategic implementation – without the hassle.

Data Analytics

Automate publicly available online and in-store data collection, aggregation, cleansing, analysis to produce ready-to-use reports and dashboards for your strategic decisions & business operations

Data Consulting

With in-depth experience in data management and business analytics, we help build required capabilities and systems that turn your raw data assets into actionable intelligence that will move your company forward

For SME Retailers

PowerSell – Smart selling

SEA retailers are selling on different platforms like Lazada, Shopee,.. to maximize their revenue. However, selling more channels means more complex in shop management, performance management, and analytics.. It is nearly impossible for SME sellers can build an aggregated BI and maximize their data assets for business growth. We provide a cloud-based solutions to help them address that challenge and manage their online stores in a smarter and faster way.

PowerSell is a cloud-based solutions to manage online stores using data analytics and AI-driven recommendations. We empower innovative retailers with smart features beyond ordinary marketplace seller centers:

  • Unified seller center for all different platforms in one place
  • State-of-the-art Business Intelligence system for your stores
  • Real-time market intelligence and competitor monitoring
  • Smart critical information alerts with suggested actions to take.
  • Intelligent automatic pricing and stock sync
  • And many other advanced tools for effective online store management

Selling online?

Let’s join hundreds of smart retailers using PowerSell to drive their revenue growth.